5-MeO DMT is a naturally occurring psychedelic tryptamine that is found in a variety of plant species (such as the Yopo Seed), as well as the Incilius Alvarius (the Bufo Toad) of the Sonoran Desert.

This medicine has been used for ritual and healing purposes for thousands of years. One of the oldest evidence of use comes from smoking pipes and snuff trays containing residue of Yopo were found in central Peruvian coast dating back 1,200 BC.

Common 5-MeO DMT experiences

  • Experiencing non-duality, or Samadhi, or connecting with God (or source)
  • New understanding of ones life path, past and future
  • Releasing of old traumas and belief systems that can hold an individual back
  • Pure love, bliss
  • Ego death and re-birth
  • The experience usually lasts around 20 minutes

Synthetic 5-MeO DMT or Bufo toad venom?

Since 5-MeO DMT has been gaining popularity, many people have been questioning what the differences are and why one would choose one source over another.

Bufo toad venom

The Bufo toad venom contains 5-MeO DMT, but that is not all it contains. It also contains Bufotenin and other bioactive compounds such as Bufo toxin. Bufo toxins are a family of toxic steroid lactones or substituted tryptamines, some of which may or may not be good for you. The substance is retrieved by milking Bufo toads (squeezing the glands on the back and other places), and drying out the venom.

Synthetic 5-MeO DMT

5-MeO DMT has been synthesized in labs since 1990’s. High quality medicine is typically 99.9% pure 5-MeO DMT. It can be made without harsh chemicals. It’s really very simple to synthesize and is sustainable.

Most people say the experiences are very similar between the synthetic and the natural toad venom. But there are naturalists that are very pro bufo, stating there is something about keeping the spirit of the animal, that it feels more ceremonial or more shamanic. And then there are conservationists on the other side, promoting the use of the synthetic version – so we don’t over harvest the toads to extinction. They say it is easier to dose, and still provides the full “God molecule” effect.

There’s something to be said about how the medicine is prepared, regardless of it being natural or synthetic. The handling of the toads, but also as Rak Razam said,

“there should be some conversation around the quality of synthetic, how it’s made and the intention, energy and vibration of the alchemist making that material as well. We can re-sacralize synthetic if we choose.” 

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