5- MeO DMT has been described as a direct line to Source, or God, or Creator, or the Great Universal Truth. Your experience will be completely your own, and while internet research can prepare you for the scope of possibilities inherent in this medicine work, your experience will reflect the power of your personal intention paired with your personal destiny and life experiences.

Some common experiences include:

  • Clear and direct understanding of the universe, the Divine or God
  • Releasing of old traumas and beliefs that hold an individual back
  • New understanding of one’s life path—past and future
  • Non-duality, Samadhi and the experience of the God Head
  • Pure bliss, joy
  • Ego death and restructure
  • Releasing of fear and stepping into one’s full potential and power

I have been in deep communication with medicine for many years now, and I have been sharing this medicine with people all over the world for the last 6 years. It will be an honor to share it with you as well. I am an entheogenic practitioner, Bwiti initiate, Fang tribe member and intuitive healer.  I believe that the medicine starts working with our inner frameworks the moment we commit to a ceremony, and continues to work with us long after the ceremony has completed. I believe in the power of these medicines to help us heal our souls and bodies and give us the keys to live better daily lives. We are our own best self-healers, and it’s an honor to walk with people on their healing journeys.

5-MeO DMT is a naturally occurring psychedelic tryptamine that is found in a variety of plant species as well as the Bufo Alvarius Toad of the Sonoran Desert. While there are some anthropologists that claim there is evidence of ancient peoples working ceremonially with this medicine, in recent modern times, the first recorded Bufo Alvarius experience was in 1982. This medicine lived largely at the fringe of psychonaut and Mexican shamanic communities until the last decade, when it has blown into mainstream consciousness.

As a result of popularity, the Bufo Alvarius Toad is currently being over-harvested for its valuable venom, and toad collectors in Sonora claim that the populations are noticeably decreasing year by year.  5-MeO DMT has been synthesized in labs since the 90s (using melatonin), and high-quality medicine is generally 99.9% 5-MeO DMT pure molecule. Conversely, the Bufo Alvarius venom is not consistent in levels of 5-MeO DMT, and also contains various levels of bufotenine, and other organic materials present in its venom.

There is currently an ongoing debate in the medicine world. Some argue that the spirit of the Toad is necessary for extraordinary spiritual experience. Others claim that some materials in the Bufo Venom are actually poisonous or could pose health concerns for some participants. From personal experience, we feel that both synthetic and Bufo Venom are comparable experiences in both spiritual and experiential integrity. From an ecological perspective, working with synthetic 5-MeO DMT is more Toad-friendly. You may have opportunities to work with both sources of 5-MeO DMT, and the choice will be yours. It’s important to know the context.

About the Experience:

The medicine is smoked and typically lasts about 20-40 minutes once exhaled.

Each person will have the opportunity to work with the medicine individually, while the rest of the group supports. Each person may “go-in” with the medicine several times, or just once, depending on personal desires or the needs of their process.

Depending on the group, we may also work with the medicine collectively, at lower doses.

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