Our medicine retreats can be held in numerous locations in the United States, Peru, Columbia, and other great destinations.  We typically work with smaller groups so we can offer more individualized attention when needed while taking you through the process.  The retreats can be anywhere from 1-7 days typically (but can be longer if outside the US), and integration work (learning how to integrate what you have experienced, into your daily life) is included throughout the retreat.  Some retreats have facilities and lodging, and others are out in nature and camping.

We also work with different healing modalities and can plan custom retreats as well.

The medicines

We use numerous medicines throughout all our retreats, but there’s usually a primary focus on one, which allows the group to go deep and immerse themselves into the medicine fully.


Iboga ceremonies are some of the longer ones, lasting 5-7 days.  Iboga is a medicine that comes from the iboga root/bark, which grows in central and west Africa.  It’s not your typical psychedelic.  Iboga is an oneirophrenic and creates more of an awakened live dream state.  Among the many benefits of this amazing medicine, the medicine in iboga resets your neural pathways in your brain, allowing you to have a new perspective on life, and erase old behavior patterns.

Ibogaine is one the compounds in the iboga root that causes these experiences, and is highly concentrated version of the iboga, and is typically used to help cure drug addictions.  To learn more about ibogaine treatments (they are a bit different than a medicine retreat), click here: Ibogaine Treatment


This molecule is found in the venom of the Bufo toad, who resides in the Sonoran desert.  When smoked, it produces a very powerful psychedelic experience.  This experience only lasts around 20 minutes, so when doing a deep immersion of this medicine, the participants may go into it several times a day.  To learn more about 5-MeO-DMT, click here: 5-MeO-DMT and the Bufo Toad


This is an ancient medicine taken from the venomous secretion of an Amazonian tree frog.  Typically, they burn your skin with the end of an incense stick or vine in several places around your body, and scrape off the burnt skin, and apply the frog venom onto the wounds.  The body then absorbs it.  This starts the cleansing process, which includes purging.  It helps rid your body and soul of toxins and toxic energy.  It typically lasts around 15-20 minutes, and can be pretty intense but the after effects can be amazing.  To learn more about Kambo, check out this blog post: The Benefits of Kambo


Typically a vegan diet is served, along with amazing cold pressed juices, during intermittent fasting periods.  The medicines work better when you haven’t been eating heavy foods, like meats, and cheeses, and so on.

Yoga and meditation

Each day, you will be introduced to many modalities of self-care, including diet, yoga, meditation, integration, body work, energy work, and much more.

Other practices

Sun gazing, and cacao ceremonies are in the mornings, as well as meditation and breath work.  Rapé and mapacho is offered throughout the day, as well.

Group Sizes

We try and keep the amount of people participating minimal so we can give as much attention to everyone that they need.  This can be anywhere from 1-11 or so people.  We offer individual experiences as well.

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